Clarinet Scales

Below are links to the 12 major scales for the clarinet, as well as their relative melodic, harmonic and natural minor scales. By reading straight across each line of the table, you will be able to see each major scale and its corresponding minor. In addition, there are links to both a two octave and a three octave chromatic scale.

Major ScalesMelodic Minor ScalesHarmonic Minor ScalesNatural Minor Scales
C Major A Melodic Minor A Harmonic Minor A Natural Minor
F Major D Melodic Minor D Harmonic Minor D Natural Minor
G Major E Melodic Minor E Harmonic Minor E Natural Minor
Bb Major G Melodic Minor G Harmonic Minor G Natural Minor
D Major B Melodic Minor B Harmonic Minor B Natural Minor
Eb Major C Melodic Minor C Harmonic Minor C Natural Minor
A Major F# Melodic Minor F# Harmonic Minor F# Natural Minor
Ab Major F Melodic Minor F Harmonic Minor F Natural Minor
E Major C# Melodic Minor C# Harmonic Minor C# Natural Minor
Db Major Bb Melodic Minor Bb Harmonic Minor Bb Natural Minor
B Major G# Melodic Minor G# Harmonic Minor G# Natural Minor
Gb Major Eb Melodic Minor Eb Harmonic Minor Eb Natural Minor
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