Our instruments come play-ready and guaranteed!

Who We Are

He is a retired band director of 30 years. During that time, he started hundreds of young people on the clarinet. It is a difficult instrument to master, but also a beautiful instrument to hear, and a rewarding one to play.

She, the clarinet goddess, is also a former band director and private clarinet instructor. She must approve every instrument before we will offer it for sale.

Our first concern is your satisfaction. Our goal is to help your child do well in band by providing good used instruments at a low cost. We also sell instruments on e-Bay under the name ClarinetCloset. See feedback from our many satisfied customers.

What We Do

We get used clarinets from a variety of sources, and then return them to good playing condition before listing them on this site.

The keys are removed, and the body is thoroughly cleaned and buffed. The keys are then shined up and returned to the body one at a time, so that each one can be tested. If it leaks, the pad is replaced and seated so it seals perfectly. When all the keys are returned to the instrument and functioning correctly, the mechanism is adjusted so that all alternate fingerings work correctly. Corks are checked and replaced as necessary. The keys are oiled, as is the bore of wooden clarinets. The mouthpiece is cleaned and sanitized, or if defective, replaced with a new one. If necessary, the case is vacuumed and deodorized, and the outside cleaned. Once it has been play tested, and passed inspection, we offer it for sale.

Our Instruments

These instruments play well and look good, but they are used. They usually don't have the fresh look of a brand new instrument. There might be some scratches on the body, or a little plating worn off the keys. The gold lettering might be worn, and the corks won't look new unless they were replaced. The case might show a little wear. This is normal for a used instrument. Please look at the pictures and read the description of an instrument before you buy. We will describe its condition so you will know what you are getting.

Our instruments come with a three-day inspection period. An instrument may be returned for a refund during this period if it is not as described. We are unable to refund the shipping costs. Please e-mail us if you have any questions or concerns.

We only sell brands that we believe in: Yamaha, LeBlanc, Buffet, Jupiter and Selmer. There are a host of other brands available, many of which are poor quality. We stay away from them and recommend that you do too. Additional clarinet brands might be listed in our miscellaneous category if they are suitable for a student.

The Brands We Carry

  • Yamaha
    • Yamaha 20 - Standard plastic student model
    • Yamaha 24 and 26 - older student models
    • Yamaha 34 - A good wooden intermediate level instrument
  • LeBlanc
    • Vito Reso-tone 3 — Standard plastic student model
    • Vito 7214 — A cut above the standard plastic student model; holds up well over time
    • Noblet - Wooden step-up model — Beautiful, warm tone
    • Normandy — some are similar to Noblet, others not
  • Buffet
    • B10, B12 — Student model plastic instruments with the wonderful feel of Buffet
    • E11 — A wonderful wooden intermediate model
  • Jupiter
    • Jupiter - Standard plastic student model
  • Selmer
    • Models 100 and 300 — Standard plastic student instruments
    • Model 200 — The intermediate wooden model
    • Selmer Signet 100 — A classic intermediate wood clarinet
    • Armstrong 4001 — Very well made and designed plastic instrument - In my view, the best buy in used instruments available
    • Artley 17s — A twin of the Armstrong

We try to keep each of these models in stock, but this is not always possible. We almost always have the Yamaha 20, Vito 7214, Vito Reso-tone 3, Noblet and Armstrong 4001 in stock. The others we have from time to time.