Yamaha 20 Clarinet

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Stock # 3645
Make Yamaha
Model Yamaha 20
Body Plastic
Level Beginner
Playing Condition Very good
Case Good
Mouthpiece Yamaha 4C
Ligature Yes


Long a favorite of many band directors and their students, this used Yamaha 20 continues to be a good choice for the beginning clarinetist. One of the tenon corks is new, and pads and springs have been replaced as needed. Cloudy areas on the side G# and register keys are the only noticeable signs of plating wear, and the logo is nice and clear on the top joint and bell. Other than a deeper 1.5 inch scratch on the barrel, the finish of the plastic body is in pretty good shape. The mouthpiece has a little discoloration on the back and some scratches from the ligature; however, it is in excellent playing condition. It comes in a compact Yamaha case that has cork grease remains and a little wear in the underlying frame of the interior, while the exterior has a few scuff marks and scratches. Included are 3 new reeds, new swab and cork grease.